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Please enter your name in the box below, feel free to leave a message in the chatbox and enter anything you hear into the log. I've decided not to put a timeout on this SDR, but if you aren't listening for long periods, please disconnect. 

This is a HF WEBSDR, located in Tiverton, Devon, UK. It is operated by Chris. E-mail comments to It is built around a NESDR SMArt Premium RTL2832(v2), Cross Country Wireless 125 Mhz up-converter, Dual Core N270(1.6Ghz) motherboard with 1.5Gb RAM from an old netbook, running Linux MATE 16.04 LTS x32 and Websdr server v11. Antenna is a end fed random around 60ft long at 15 ft high. It took 3 weeks to build and get up and running. Most of that time was spent getting the software configured correctly, still very much an ongoing project!  



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